Phuket Patong 65 Unit Resort Hotel


This resort hotel is built on a 3700 sq m with tropical garden, located 1 km from Patong beach and commercial centre. It has 41 hotel rooms plus 24 Residential Apartments. The 41 rooms include 29 standards rooms of 24 squares meters plus 12 apartments of 48 squares meters with all facilities inside. The 24 Residential Apartments all have 2 bedrooms and living space from 80 sq m and 100 sq m. 19 of those apartments are managed by the hotel and commissionable. 5 of them still can be sold to third party and the income is for the new owner.

This resort hotel is profitable fully functional and have a 130 sq m swimming pool with large Jacuzzi, surrounded by very tropical garden. The restaurant with the bar is build in open Thai style with 80 spacious seats. Now it has French and traditional Thai cuisine. The advertiser of this ad will bring you in direct contact with the owner. The information on the turnover of this commercial property is confidential; we will disclose as part of a site visit and can only show it to serious potential buyers.

The price for 41 hotel rooms plus bar restaurant plus extra 24 residential apartments is 285, 000, 000.00 THB or 6,938,475.00 € or 9,259,500.00 USD include the company to run the business so it is very easy to take it over and it will no take time. Contact us for more information via or call in Thailand 0800176100

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