Aldinga Beach


mailtje gestuurd door Peter (vader van Chris) op 01.01.2012

Hi Mirjam & Ronald,

on Friday (mi:30.12.2011) we travelled south of Adelaide to Aldinga Beach where the sand is firm and cars are allowed on the beach.
Karsten and Andrew had a swim while Denise and I sat and enjoyed the cooling sea breeze. This area is also one of Australia's premier wine growing districts ( Southern Vales) so we visited some wineries and tasted some excellent red wines.
At one of these wineries is a animal rescue centre and Karsten and Denise fed the 4 year old kangaroo. We had a great day.

Today is warm and heading towards 40 degrees. Karsten has no problems with the warm weather and is keeping up with his UV protection.

Cheers, Peter.

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