The Bornemisza-Rákóczi castle in Gurghiu, first mentioned in 1358, belonging mostly to the functions of voivode or Szekler comes, was one of the most important fortifications of mediaeval Transylvania. After the battle of Mohács (1526) it was in the possession of different Transylvanian princes, after which, during the the anti-Habsburg insurrection led by Ferenc Rákóczi II, it was blown up by the Austrian army, losing its strategic importance. The late Renaissance manor house was built by György Rákóczi I; its partition and furnishing are known from three 17th century inventories. In the 18th century it passed into the property of the Bornemissza family, during which it was enlarged with a Baroque wing. Starting from 1893 it served as a forestry vocational school.(National Cultural Fund, Hungary)

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