Chiang Rai Private Island 5 Star 270 unit Resort


This Resort is the only 5 Star Resort in Chiang Rai with its own name; Reflecting the diversity and furnishings of Northern Thailand, the Resort provides 270 guestrooms with a spectacular view of the Mae Kok River. Located just 11 km from the Chiang Rai international airport, the Resort is situated on its own private island along the Mae Kok River. Guests might get to see the fishermen on the long tail boats casting their nets into the river.
The 5-star Resort is also just a ten-minute tuk-tuk ride from Chang Rai, home to such attractions as King Meng Rae Monument and Maesai. The rooftop restaurant offers Northern Thai cuisine, where guests can enjoy traditional dining on the floor amongst cozy cushions. Laying on 27 Rai Land.
The price is 2,850,000,000.00 THB, please contact us for more information 0800 176 100 or via

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