Do I need a Lawyer?


It does no matter how small the investment is, we always advice you to engage the services of a Lawyer. That is first of all for your own piece of mind and secondly to protect you against everything that can go wrong. Even if you should buy from a established resort or property developer we advise you to use a good lawyer.
He can check things that we cannot such as land titles, construction permits and taxation> He will visit the appointed departments and check out that the promises will be held. We give you a choice of 2 Thai lawyers who have earned their status with top services and they will guide you throughout the process for buying a property in a very simple and fast way. No time consuming boring visits to old offices but direct to the point meetings and actions if needed.
And the best of all this is that we work only with Thai legal councils from Phuket Town who will give you bills according to the low wage country Thailand/ We will keep you far away from foreign lawyers in Patong, giving you European bills to pay. Our lawyers are from Thailand and will get you the same or sometimes better results because they are Thai and for you it will be lots of less money to pay. We work close with a Thai top lawyer in Phuket: and for Pattaya :

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