Do you show me many properties?


Absolutely not. We like to save you time to see what you want. It is a short process in 2 major steps. The first step is a confidential, productive and very interactive meeting with our property advisor. Although it is business, brief and to the point, you are our friend in the first place. By having a honest and open conversation about how your perfect dream property looks like in all of its aspects, our representative can narrow down the overwhelming amount of property offers to just 3 potential matches. We keep in mind, every aspect you have given us such as the most determent and that is the price of your available budget. But also location and what kind of property would fit you the best are important. Everything you tell us about your perfect property is important. With that overall pictures will bring you to a list of just a few properties fitting your needs. After this ground work for the next step, we can go over to that next step and that is showing you the selected properties. That can be done already the next day after we have made the appointments with the owners or developers. We try to get the seller in direct contact with you so you will get all of the agreements and information first hand without any person in between. Sometimes prices are negotiable and you could save lots of money by offering the right price but that is not possible in every real estate offer. After you have seen the selected properties, we listen to your feedback before supporting you in the critical decision making process. We help you a comfortable financial planning in your best time frame and work out a very specific plan of payment. In fact we will

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