Do I have to pay you as agent a commission?


No, you do not have to pay the agent because this amount is paid by the seller directly to the agent or broker. Mostly in Thailand the standard commission is 3 percent but already several owners and developers are offering 5 percent of more to motivate the agents to sell their property. The agent’s commission is paid by the seller because the agent is putting in efforts by marketing to find the buyer. Although you do not directly pay the agent, he will take care of you when you buy from him. A good agent will find your perfect match in property, bring you there, show it and will make the contact with the owner. Further on, the agent will guide you throughout the whole buying process and provide you with all the assistance you need to do so. The agent will provide you a l good lawyer and will support you with all the local knowledge he has. You could go around the agent by approaching the developer directly but you do not save on commission and your protection against not fair deals of illegal deals is gone. At the end, the agent can get you a extra discount because he knows the market price of every property in Thailand. Going around the agent only could cost you more money, even ending up with having paid for a property but not owning one... So you do not have to pay the agent a commission but his service is totally in your advance.

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