Is Phuket and Thailand a safe place to live?


Take Phuket Island as example, it is about 530 square kilometers and is populated with only 250,000 people. This population varies with a workforce that grows and shrinks with high and low tourist season. Do not worry about a new tsunami. Tsunamis are very rare events, in our life time, it probably will not happen again. But we do not control nature. What we do control in Phuket is our strategies against possible tsunamis. The island and Andaman Sea area have now an alarm system that has regular tests and works perfectly. "If" a tsunami ever happens again, everybody will be warned long before it hits the coastal areas. And remember that a tsunami only effect that coastal area and not further into the island. On the other hand there are humans, over 250,000 over here, and among them also criminals. We will not make it better than it really is but Phuket is a very safe place to be. There is some crime on the island, though most of it seems to be criminal or 'mafia' related crime where the bad buys are fighting it out with each other. So if you are not one of them, changed are small to get hit. There is some theft and robbery but compared with Europe, it is not even worthwhile mentioning. If by very rare occasion, a violent robbery does happens, it is spread all over the news as if the island is under attack. Media makes a big thing out of a small incident. You still have to be careful as in every country, also in Thailand. Some reports of problems shows up from the deep south of Thailand in the three provinces that have significant Muslim populations. But they are far way from Phuket, on the border with Malaysia.

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