Can I work in Thailand?


A completely other subject is to find you a "normal paid" job in |Thailand. You have to keep in mind that if it is a job that a Thai national can perform at 15.000 That Baht per month, the employer will not pay you 80.000 Thai baht to do the same job.
Only specific jobs that cannot be done by Thai nationals will be paid good. You also can find many jobs based on commission only, such as all kind of sales jobs. For that, you just have to keep a eye on the job offers in local papers for Jobs in Thailand.
Lots of companies abroad will need staff in Thailand because this country is expanding at a very high speed. To find that, we suggest you keep a eye on internet search engines and Jobs Abroad in Thailand could bring you in the right direction.
In any case, coming to Thailand without any savings or financial back up for at least a few months only can get you in problems and often faster than you could imagine. Spending money in Thailand is a lot easier that making it.

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