Can I open a business in Thailand?


You can open a business in Thailand but have to know a few things that are important. To take over a business, surely in the commercial areas such as Phuket Patong, most of the time you are asked to pay "key money". That is 1 reasonable large amount 1 time that provides you the "key" to open the business door. But once inside, you still have to pay rent, staff and all the expenses of a normal business. Unfortunately this "key money" allows you only to use the business for a limited time period. And after that period is over, you will have to pay again "key money" and probably more that the first time you did. Example: You want to rent a bar in Soi Bangla, pay 3.000.000 Thai baht key money and rent the place for 3 years at 60.000 Thai baht per month. After that 3 years, you have to pay again key money and the amount then will be determent by the business or building owner, Be aware if you make your financial business planning because it could happen that your key money is the money that suppose to be you profit and you have worked the whole time for northing. This explanation is based on real stories. If you start your own business, you need to set up a Thai company and within that company. You can have a work permit for yourself. Roughly setting up the company, getting your visa and work permit will cost you about 70.000 Thai baht. Here are some good places to start with:
To set up your Ltd or Thai company in Phuket we would advice you : RCP Law Internation.
Only go to experts for Tourist Visa Exemption and Work Permit in Thailand but also respect the Accounting Standards in

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