What after I have bought a property?


We are very properly is proud on the fact that we work hard to get you your perfect property match but we work even harder to get you all you needs after you have bought this property.
Also here are your requirements of most importance. If you want us to take care of the property, we will offer you a choice our of of the best managements companies. They all have different programs and prices to fit your needs for the time that you are not in Phuket and that your property has to be taken care of. This programs start from security, over cleaning. Maintenance and even deliver your mail and pay your monthly utilities bills. Do not worry when you are not here because we will take care of your property if it was our own.
If you want to make money from your property while you are not using it, we can find companies that will put your property for sale with of the most popular property rental companies on this island, specialized in rental out the kind of property you own. 10 percent will go to the rental company, 90 percent will be send to your bank account. You can choose for a short term high income during high season rental or a less but permanent long term rental contract.
And if the time is right to resell your property, we find the right agents that will take the resell into our hands to sell it for you. We will offer it to 10of the most successful real estate companies on the island to put it in their listing for sale. If you are willing to put a marketing budget of 30.000 THB, we can provide you a program that includes 4 months of marketing. Agents in Thailand take

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