How do I Pay my property ?


Once you have decided that you are going to buy a property in Thailand, you just follow the payment structure from the seller of the developer you buy from. Although there is not a fix rule, most of the payments would be like this. First. when you sign the contract in Thailand, you leave a deposit on the payment with a credit card or cash. Most of the sellers would mention that this money is 'non refundable' so if you change your mind, you will loose this deposit. Mostly is this 10 percent from the selling price. This is called a reservation fee but legally, it is not obligated. For that deposited. The seller will keep the property for you and not selling it to another buyer for at least 14 days up to 1 month. After that period, you suppose to pay 20 to 50 percent from the selling price by bank transfer, from your country to the seller accou in Thailand. Another 25 percent is paid later and at the 'hand over of the title' the fully 100 percent suppose to be paid. In some developments. a steady payment plan is worked out because the property is not ready to move in and your payments follow the evolution of the property.
Various payment methods are possible but if it is very different from the previous example, than something is wrong. Here we are coming in with negotiating that the payment structure is fitting your financial situation and will defend your sit of the deal.
Unfortunately for some of the developers, money can not been brought into Thailand anymore in a suitcase, full of hard and black American dollars. Every payment has to be legal and there has to be a perfect logic and provable explanation if it comes to the

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