More advantages by buying off plan?


Yes more advantages…You also have more time if you have an investment purpose in buying the property, You have more time during the construction phase to market the property for a re-sale or to put in a successful rental program.
And do not forget the major thing' you buy the property for tomorrow at today’s price, this can result in large capital gains in a rising market, as the Phuket property market is constantly growing, despites all of the wind against. Your property also needs lower maintenance cost.
To buy off plan, you've better use a lawyer to signing a contract who is conducting a full title search on the property and any necessary due diligence.
Make sure you obtain a professional advice on the terms of contract and check out the insurance policy and terms, in case something is going wrong. Our lawyer can limit the damage, our even avoid it. You need trust but it is always good to check out the developer. You should look for protection/compensation in the case of unreasonable delay in delivering the final product, what most of the agreements does not even mention. A experienced agent and a professional lawyer will bring your risk to the minimum.

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