And what after the sale is done?


But also our after sales service is part of the service. We will bring in the right people to manage your property. That go's from paying utility bills over cleaning the pool to renovate the property if needed. We also will take care of the rental for short or long periods, according to your needs, so you can get the maximum profit out of your investment during the time you do not use it yourself. And if the time is right and you want to sell your property again, we will take the resell for us and do our best to find a new buyer for a fair price. We not only looking around by ourselfves, we also give your property into good hands and provide it to the best real estate agents in the country and on the island to sell it for you, even if that means that we do not get commission on that. We do not promise you but we just do it for you. But nothing is guaranteed, the only think we can add here is that the success of the past is not a guarantee for the future but do gives you a pretty good guideline to follow. Thailand has survived lots of bad events and every time it came out stronger then ever before. The only right answer on your question what I can do for you is: everything that is not a miracle and in Thailand, believe it or not, miracles does happen now and then, I will do for you.

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