Can I own a property in Thailand?


The answer is "Yes" and "No"...

NO because ...Under Thai law, foreigners are not allowed to own land. So you never can own land fully in you name.

But YES because ... You do have the right to the ownership of buildings distinct from the land.

A sale is mostly in 2 parts. First there is the land, what you cannot own and that you will lease for a period of 30 years, renewable a further two times giving a total of 90 years. Then there is the building, distinct from its land and you can own that building completely in your name.

In brief...You can own a unit in a registered Condominium building, or a building distinct from its land and registered leasehold of up to 30 years for all types of land titles.

You can never own freehold land or own more than 49% of the shares in a Thai company that owns freehold land. In that last case, you can be a share holder of the company that owns the land, still the majority of power stays in Thai hands because they always will have 51 percent of the shares. Registered leaseholds are secure and relatively straightforward. Security of the possession of land is assured by the fact that you are the legal owner of the buildings which occupy the land. Therefore, the lesser cannot take possession of the property upon expiration of the lease as the property is separated from the land and will not be a component part under the Civil Law. Even not owning the land and owning the building, nobody can kick you from the land for the whole lease period of 90 years.

If you choose to set up a Thai company that you control, and which can legally purchase land, we will bring you to the Thai

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