How is it to actually live in Thailand?


Absolutely positively to live here in Thailand but let us be realistic: infrastructure is not all it could be, telephone lines are difficult to get in some areas, some roads are overcrowded and rough, and local driving skills could be politely termed ‘exciting’. Remember it is still in developing at a very high speed among the street dogs and Burmese construction labor camps. But the Thai people are kind-hearted and gentle, the sea incredibly beautiful, the countryside amazing and important even if you are rich: the cost of living is very cheap if you stay out of the touristic areas. And if you do have a high level of living standard, you can keep it up and it will not even cost half of the price from your own country.
Areas such as Phuket and Pattaya are growing up fast with major conveniences, big shopping malls, multiplex cinemas, international restaurants and first world services are coming online daily.
Everything you have in Europe, you will find here. It is just a very pleasant place to live, close enough to conveniences – far enough away from congestion. And if you live in Thailand, please look for the tourist life on the island. Traditional Thai lifestyle persists in the rural areas and smaller communities away from the resorts and that can be very nice to live in. You do not want to live between tourist partying every day unthill the early mornings. Prices in tourist areas are also expensive, more expensive that in the traditional Thai areas where Thai people have to survive with 10.000 THB per month.
The original make up of Phuket island for example was of Thai, Chinese and ethnic Malay peoples. Every area in Thailand has a mix of nationalities. But at present, the vast majority of the

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