Russia - Rostov-on-Don II


Rostov-on-Don city - the capital of Russia South with a population 1.5 million is located in 65 kilometers from the mouth of the Don River on the Azov Sea at the center of transportation arteries. Area of the city is 354 sq. km., the distance from Moscow- 1226 km. It has outlets to the three seas - the Black Sea, the Azov and the Caspian - and direct contacts with all European ports of the CIS, the Caucuses, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Rostov's international airport provides connections to 115 destinations, both around Russia and to foreign countries.

Rostov-on-Don is a large industrial, educational and scientific center for the North Caucases, where also boasts 20 research and 55 theoretical institutes, 21 construction bureaux, 4 scientific production associations and 100 scientific laboratories.

The Main street of the city - Bolshaya Sadovaya - a visiting card of the city together with a quay of the river Don. Along street are located administrative buildings, varied shops and main sights of the city. Rostov Cathedral is in town center.

The Cathedral is built at period with 1860 on 1885 on project of the architect Konstantin Ton and is reduced copy of the Temple Jesus Rescuer in Moscow.

The modern Rostov is one of the largest cities in the Russian Federation and is the political, economic and cultural center of Russia.

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