Felix Movsesjan - Rostov-on-Don - Russia
Married & Happy.
The certified translator - scientific and technical literature - German-English languages. Specialization - scientific and technical literature and documentation, economy, machine building, autoindustry, electrical engineering, production automation, information technologies.
The Synchronous translation - an accompaniment delegation, translation technical consultation, business negotiations.
Aside from translation accompany both groups, and quotient business or individual aurochses.
Detoured whole Europe, a part of Scandinavia and Orient, several countries South America and USA - Washington DC, Boston, New York.
Jazz, photo, sport and journeys, science fiction and computer plays. I mean "MIST" is the best. For this play written and published on site "Absolute Games" 4 solutions - "MIST" 3-6.
Free time
Read english-american science fiction and listen jazz.
The Loved authors: Klifford D. Simak, Robert Shekly, Vernor Vinge, Iain M. Banks.
The Loved musicians: Ella Fitzgerald - vocal, B.B. King - vocal, Bill Evans - piano, Oscar Peterson - piano, Jimmy Smith - organ,Ben Webster - tenor saxophone, George Benson - guitar.
The Loved groups: Electric Light Orchestra, The Manhatten Transfer, Deep Purple, Chicago, The Beatles.

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